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About CleverDisplay

CleverDisplay specialises in Digital Signing/Narrowcasting.

cleverdisplay office - hoofdweg 846 - hoofddorpNarrowcasting is the presentation of information using displays with the aim of reaching a specific audience at a pre-selected location and time. The displays are often managed and filled with the relevant visual content remotely. CleverDisplay uses a technique that stands out because of its ease of use. The content can be complemented with topical information such as the latest news, social media, video streams, RSS feeds and the weather forecast, which increases the viewer news value. Also, you decide what to show on the display. Whether you show internal messages or advertisements, both will affect productivity and increase turnover.

Creating links to your own databases is also possible. You can automatically show internal reports and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), for example.

Our system can be managed from one central point, allowing people to modify the displays from anywhere in the world. Rights can be granted to certain employees so that they can manage the content in full or in part.