About us

About Dionar

Dionar was created based on the notion that ICT should be simpler. In 1997, the year in which Dionar was founded, PC networks and stand-alone PCs were common practice.

We thought that ICT should operate more centrally in order to improve the overall perspective. Dionar was also one of the first companies in the Netherlands to embrace the Microsoft Terminal Server in order to achieve centralisation in ICT. The current cloud concept stems from this. That means we have been providing a cloud experience in the form of the private cloud since 1997.

For Dionar, growth is anchored in quality, expertise and clear communication. Large, inflexible ICT companies or a ‘computer guy’ are far from ideal. We offer you knowledge, flexibility and stability. Our down-to-earth mentality allows us to clearly express what we have to offer. Even though we keep things simple for you, we still provide state-of-the-art solutions, for all budgets.

We are not an ICT company that simply follows instructions. Neither are we a company that goes its own way regardless. We are your partner. Dionar works with you to have your business perform optimally. Knowledge is your key to achieving results, and we have the knowledge you need.

We want to be a reliable partner to our customers by having a stable, financially healthy and future-oriented business. We always aim for a long-term relationship, which is what we have been doing for over 19 years!