CleverDisplay Applications

CleverDisplay can be used in any industry, although objectives may differ.

In catering, retail and cultural settings, the screens are very effective for narrow casting ads and campaigns. It increases the chance of making a sale. Logistics companies can display stock, delivery times and delivery information in various different rooms. In healthcare and for the police, informing people is very important. Who are the doctors? Where should the person visiting go? If you have a take-a-number queue system, we can integrate it for you.

Customers respond better to dynamic ads than to static ones. You might narrow cast a fashion show displaying your current collection, for instance. And, the brand has probably invested heavily in various types of promotional visuals already. CleverDisplay shows them all. CleverDisplay keeps customers occupied while waiting in a queue. It makes the wait so much less tedious!

Hugo Boss-Retail-CleverDisplay

Digital screens are an excellent way of providing hospital patients with extra information. Cleverdisplay can introduce the doctors and specialists, provide information on (queue system) waiting times, cancellations, a clock and the latest news.

The police can display current announcements, waiting times and other local news to visitors. Tips on security, self-defence and alertness can be displayed on the screens, too.

Hospital - signage - CleverDisplay

Transport companies use CleverDisplay to inform passengers about current departure times, campaigns and local events.

number system - klm - cleverdisplay - transport

CleverDisplay is used in education to announce timetables, timetable changes and events. It is also a great way to give visitors an impression of the institution using photographs and video materials. During parent evenings, the programme and locations can be displayed. Playlists can be scheduled ahead of time, which means you don’t have to wait until all the classes have finished. Should anything change last moment, no problem!

Theatres play trailers of shows, display posters and present their upcoming programmes. It’s an ideal combination of static and dynamic media. You can even link your database to display the number of tickets per show. If a space is used for a different event, the information screened can easily changed accordingly.

Libraries and cultural centres can display books, courses and artwork, as well as provide visitors with information. Opening hours, special readings and other announcements can also be shared.

Stadsschouwburg - Theatre programme - haarlem - entertainment

In the catering sector, CleverDisplay is perfect for highlighting specials of the day and whetting appetites with mouthwatering photographs. Streams are possible, too. Sports or news, for instance.

Grabandfly - Schiphol - cleverdisplay - narrowcasting

Companies use CleverDisplay in house to provide employees with any information they may need.
Last-moment changes to production processes can be published, for instance, ensuring that everyone can respond quickly. The latest news and train timetables can be displayed in the reception area. Or, your warehouse can swiftly and effectively communicate the latest stock figures to other departments. There are countless applications imaginable.

Internal use of narrowcasting - CleverDisplay

Does your company have several branches, branches abroad even? No problem! CleverDisplay can be used at multiple locations and still be controlled from a single central point. Multiple users can gain access to a group of screens or to one specific screen in CleverDisplay, and there is an administrator with access to all the screens. That way, each location can display content on its own screen and the administrator can prepare extra content for all branches. Several multinationals already use CleverDisplay in this very way!


Do you want to spread information in a more targeted way? Perhaps you have posters or prints, but they don’t look good anymore and will take time to replace. You’d like to do something with video to attract attention.

Narrowcasting presents information on digital screens to reach a specific audience at a predetermined location and time. Such displays are often remotely managed and filled with relevant visual content. CleverDisplay is an advanced solution that stands out because of its ease of use. To increase viewer interest, you can complement your message with topical information such as the latest news, social media, video streams, RSS feeds and, for instance, the weather. Creating links to your own databases and APIs is possible, too, so that you can display special offers automatically and increase turnover. CleverDisplay can be managed from a single central location, allowing you to modify the content on screens anywhere in the world. Furthermore, rights can be granted to specific employees, who are then authorised to change content in full or in part.