CleverDisplay Options

CleverDisplay offers different types of screens in all sizes. From tablet size to a complete video wall and LED screens for both indoors and outdoors.

Both portrait or landscape.
CleverDisplay supports touchscreen, making interaction possible so that customers can select where they want to go, or choose which content should be displayed on the screen in a museum, and so on.

All screens are from a professional narrowcasting line and suitable for 16/7 and 24/7 use.

We offer a wide range of LED products for both indoor and outdoor use. Need some customisation? We’ll help you with that, too.

LED Boarding

Digital advertising boards, generally referred to as boarding, are becoming increasingly common at the sides of the pitch during sports events. As supplier of CleverDisplay and the requisite LED screens, we also deliver LED boarding for sports clubs to place along the sides of their outdoor or indoor pitches, courts and the like. Special management software for LED boarding is available, allowing you to programme logos and videos and sponsors’ messages on the boarding yourself.


  • LED boarding with protective padding at the top to protect players.
  • Special mounting brackets for installation beside the pitch.
  • Intuitive management software (Dutch language).
  • Standard height of boarding is +/- 80 cm, length can be freely determined.
  • Perfectly legible in all weather conditions and from all angles.
  • Dimmer: automatic brightness regulation based on ambient light.
  • Display of logos, texts and videos.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Digital Pitch Boarding

It is impossible to imagine sports today without LED boarding. These LED screens allow sports clubs to decide for themselves which sponsors are displayed when, and special animations can be shown in addition to standard logos.

Mini Player
The Mini Player is a small PC that is placed behind the screen. It allows you to control one or multiple screens that show the same content.

Multi Screen Player
The Multi Screen Player is designed to control large video walls and LED screens. This player is perfect to display graphics effectively and with ease.

The CleverDisplay Director software is unique in its kind. It offers numerous options and has few limitations. You can easily display all types of information on one or multiple screens at any given moment. And you can schedule content long in advance. We design all our software with the following top of mind: ease of use, logic and innovation. CleverDisplay Director software can be used internationally and supports Dutch, English, French and Turkish.

CleverDisplay Director can be installed at the CleverDisplay data centre, in a central server environment and on PCs.

It makes it possible for multiple users to control multiple screens. Rights can be assigned per user.

To make optimum use of your narrowcasting system, you need content that catches the eye and draws the attention of your target audience.
You can design the content yourself, but if you want, CleverDisplay will do it for you. Naturally, all your wishes and preferences will be reflected in the final result.

CleverDisplay can also help with your audiovisual needs – in any space and for any organisation. Think layout of conference rooms, solutions for video conferences, wireless presentation and video projectors.
Needless to say, we use reliable, high-quality equipment only.